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Membership in EDFSA is free!  We are open to anyone interested in fostering, kinship care, and foster-to-adopt care.  As a member, you can attend our events, join our Board of Directions, and more.  We host regular Youth Activity Nights, support groups, and educational opportunities.

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    Remember:  Many hands make for light work!

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      Everyone has something to offer! We would love to hear your ideas. Don’t be shy: suggest things that aren't listed here! We welcome and value your feedback.

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      Membership Benefits

      Members can:

      • Exercise the right to vote
      • Be part of the planning and decision-making
      • Get assistance filing formal reviews, understanding what happens when allegations are made, liaising with social workers, finding options for your family, and receive emotional support
      • Receive parenting support and advice when you need it
      • Help with untangling the specifics in legislation relevant to foster, adoption, and kinship care, such as: Child, Youth & Family Enhancement Act; Child, Youth & Family Enhancement Provincial Policy; Child, Youth & Family Enhancement Regional Policy; Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP); Family Law Act
      • Be directed to appropriate resources if the EDFSA is unable to provide the support
      • Access support for children with special needs
      • Access the Carousel Program (a used clothing bank for children)
      • Use our meeting rooms (subject to qualification and availability)
      • Network with other caregivers