“No One’s Girl” by Ashley Ash

“No One’s Girl” is a remarkable essay by Ashley Ash about her life as an adoptee and a foster child.  She is the first winner of a new writing prize: the Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Student Nonfiction Writing Contest.

Ashley Ash was originally adopted from India by a Canadian family when she was one year old.  Her life after coming to Canada was not easy.  She came into foster care because of abuse at  home and lived with eight foster families before being re-adopted at the age of 10.

“No One’s Girl” is a beautiful story of how Ms. Ash lived and thrived with the help of foster and adoptive parents.

You can read “No One’s Girl” at Macleans.ca or listen to an interview where Ashley Ash reads an excerpt of her award-winning essay on As It Happens.

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