New Mental Health Support Line

The Edmonton Crisis Unit has a new support phone line for children, youth, and caregivers with emerging mental health issues and concerns.

You can now contact the Edmonton Crisis Unit and have your phone call transferred to the on-call CASA therapist.  This therapist will provide you with brief and solution-focused mental health interventions.  The therapist may also help you find educational resources.

CASA (Child, Adolescent, and Family Mental Health) and Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services are working together for this service.  CASA workers can address mental health concerns from the Crisis Unit phone line.  Child and Family Services workers will continue to address intervention concerns.

Mental Health Phone Line @ 780-427-3390

Caregivers who call can expect:

  • Mental health support to improve situations with caregivers and children
  • Solution-focused and brief strategies to help with immediate mental health interventions
  • Suggestions on immediate strategies to cope with a child’s behaviours
  • Help for the caregiver to manage the child and their relationship better in the future, through educational resources and/or referrals to training.
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