About Us

The Edmonton & District Family Support Association (EDFSA) is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that strives to support, enhance, and strengthen families, including but not limited to foster families, kinship care families, and foster-to-adopt families.

Our Board of Directors are all volunteers, many of whom are current or former foster parents.  We all believe that the family is a basic unit in society.  We came together to be the voice of caregivers who keep families strong.

The EDFSA is a democratic association that recognizes the varied interests of families.  We are committed to serving and supporting families who are struggling.  We support like organizations who share our goals of helping families stay strong.

The Association strives to promote a positive concept of fostering and permanency care in our community.  We strive for positive communication between caregivers and the government’s Edmonton & Area Child and Family Services Region 6.

The EDFSA’s present activities include:

  • Promote delivery of support and services to families
  • Support quality care
  • Provide support and services to like organizations
  • Develop education, training, and information for members
  • Share information with the public
  • Advocate, network, and collaborate at local levels
  • Promote positive images of foster car, kinship care, and foster-to-adopt care.

We are not a foster care agency.  We can advise you and assist you in communicating with your Agency or with the government; however, we cannot place a child into your home.